Landscape and Visual Context

Landscape Strategy

Early analysis of landscape and visual constraints/opportunities has ensured that:’

  • A suitable ‘development envelope’ has been identified
  • Existing vegetation where possible is retained
  • Vegetation to be replenished should losses occur
  • Additional green infrastructure and open spaces are created on the site to complement the existing local landscape context.

Constraints and Opportunities

The following site constraints and opportunities have been identified.


  • The topography, in particular the rising ground toward the centre of the site; 
  • The Public Footpath which crosses the site. This will be diverted or incorporated into the layout;
  • The existing trees, vegetation and green boundaries surrounding the site, including the woodland block to the north; and
  • The railway line along the eastern boundary of the site.


  • The topography and vegetation to the west of the site contributes to the capacity of the site to accommodate development;
  • Existing vegetation on the boundaries of the site, including trees and woodland, provide opportunities to enhance this; and
  • A large separation of over 1km between the southern boundary of the site and Radley village.

Constraints and Opportunities